Welcome to Crossroad All Stars!!

Kids are so special to us!! Each Sunday at Crossroad, there are 3 kids worship services for children 0~12 years old. We call these 3 groups "All Stars."

While parents are attending worship service, kids can learn about God and encounter Him in a safe and loving environment.

We desire that kids and parents alike can enjoy their Sundays here at Crossroad.

Are you ready? Let's take the whole family to Crossroad!!

Baby Stars  (0~3 years old)

While parents are listening to the sermon, kids in Baby Stars have a fun time in a safe and delightful environment where the staff watch over them. Kids learn about God through a Bible storybook, coloring, and playing with toys. "A first step to knowing God." That's the aim of Baby Stars.


Comets  (4~6 years old)

Kids in Comets learn that God loves and cares for them through simple Bible stories, fun games, and crafts that are related to the story of the day. Also, kids worship God with all their hearts through original praise songs that they love! "I don't want to miss it." That's what they feel about Comets.

Sparks  (7~12 years old)

Kids in Sparks learn about Jesus and deepen their relationship with God through humorous Bible stories, fun games, and crafts that are related to the story of the day. "You can't help but enjoy yourself!" That's what Sparks is about.


Twinkles is a play group for small kids and moms at Crossroad Nishinomiya.
Twinkles  (0~3 years old)

Twinkles is a playgroup for moms and smalls kids here at Crossroad Church. Families from many other countries come to Twinkles and have a lot of fun together. Please come and join us!