A Welcoming Church

Crossroad Church is a Christian church located in Nishinomiya. 

Our meetings/worship services aim to be casual and relaxed.
We aim to be "the most welcoming church in Japan.”
We’d love to welcome you so please come and check out our meeting/worship service. 
You can find the location and time on this website. 

The worship music is in a contemporary and upbeat style.
Our pastors use humor, stories, and funny analogies to talk about important real-life issues from the Bible.
Crossroads Church welcomes people of all ages, singles, married couples, foreigners, and Japanese. 
The meeting is in Japanese and English. 

So please come check us out! You don't have to dress in a particular way or have any prior knowledge of Christianity to come to church. Just come as you are, as our valued guest. 
See you at Crossroads Church!